Dating a santero

We believe that there is a supreme creator, an energy force, who’s called Olodumare, Olorun or Olofi.

But we also believe that we’re at a level where we might not be able to understand or hold the immensity of what it means to be the creator of the universe.

López’s style is contemporary in feeling, but it is based on tradition; her colors are more modern than those of her father - brighter and livelier.

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Exploring the art of saint-makers throughout the centuries and meeting and studying my contemporary artists...

I personally feel like I couldn’t understand God at the rawest levels of creative or destructive force.

I don’t think God can fit in my little peanut head!

"The saints and angels have always been around me," she states.

"They are at my grandmother’s house, they are in my dreams, and so it is only natural for me to paint them." At present, López is painting with elegantly carved and painted frames.

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